self-expression for the self-strong


Ungender Yourself

Don’t like pink because you’re female. Like pink because you like pink.

Don’t watch sports because you’re male. Watch sports because you want to watch sports.

Don’t be tough because you’re male. Don’t be compassionate because you’re female. Be strong and understanding because you’re strong and understanding.

And, as pointed out by Anthea in the comments, don’t avoid things you genuinely enjoy just to rebel against the gender norms. By doing so, you support the very stereotypes you dislike.

Don’t pretend to hate flowers because you don’t want to be girly. Don’t pretend to love fruity drinks because you don’t want to be manly.

Be you. Forget stereotypes. Like what you like. Dislike what you dislike.

We don’t need to assign genders to personality traits, hobbies, likes, and dislikes. We don’t need to assign genders to colors, moods, decorations, and professions.

Be you. Like what you like; do what you love. Don’t let your gender dictate or restrict your life. Don’t judge others’ genders based on what they love and what they do.

Just be. And let others be.