self-expression for the self-strong


Be A Tree

Sit down, or lie down, in whatever way is comfortable to you. You can be indoors or outdoors or ten stories up. If you can, plant your feet firmly on the ground.

Breathe. Slowly, deeply, softly. Breathe until you’re relaxed. Loosen your muscles. Let your thoughts run their course, then focus on how you feel inside your skin.

Go deep. Bring your awareness down your spine, down your legs, into your heels.

Push deeper. Grow root from your heels, tendrils from your toes. Wriggle them downwards, slowly. Keep going until you touch the earth.

Sink deeper. Drink in the earth’s solidity and fertility and moisture. Feel the texture of the soil, the rocks, the other roots from other plants.

Keep breathing. With each inhalation, draw the earth up through your roots, into your body. With each exhalation, push it upwards, into your head. Raise your arms if you want and push it through them.

Grow branches from your hair and fingers. Let leaves bud and unfurl, growing a little more with each breath.

Let your skin become bark, rugged and beautiful. Feel the air between your branches, the soil between your roots. Center yourself in your trunk and feel yourself as a tree.

When you feel done, slowly undo what you’ve done. Let your leaves turn autumn-colored and fall away. Retract your branches into your body. Withdraw your roots from the soil.

When you are human-shaped again, take a deep breath, smile, and get something to drink or eat to help remind your body that it’s still a mammal.