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Chiaroscuro – Light and Shadow

Chiaroscuro is a term used to describe a painting or a vocal performance that has a stark contrast between light and shadow, brightness and darkness, depth and height.

In music, this results in an electric thrill, a slash of lightning against a stormy sky. In art, this yields warm and rich colors set against a deeply shadowed background, making the centerpiece of the painting pop out from its frame.

Chiaroscuro is not just applicable to fine arts. It can also describe us.

Against the dark background of your mistakes, your successes shine brightly.

Against the potential for human cruelty, human kindnesses glow like stars.

Let chiaroscuro flow. Let the natural errors that you’ve made along the way serve only to deepen the brilliance of your wisdom. Let the negative circumstances in your life give you perspective on and appreciation of your wonderful fortune.

Every person and every life has positive and negative aspects. Don’t deny your shadows; let them help your light shine by contrast.

Remember: nothing is useless. Your mistakes and your flaws have helped move you along your path and shape you into who you are today – just as much as your successes and your strengths. Be grateful for the journey.

Don’t shun the darkness: without it, how do you know there is light?