self-expression for the self-strong



You’ve heard this before. It’s probably old hat. “Breathing is important,” yadda yadda. “Breathe deeply and count to ten,” et cetera. Breathing is a topic of discussion in everything from yoga to meditation to martial arts to anger management to singing to public speaking to… well, you get the picture.

Have you ever tried it?

“No.” Then do it. Time yourself for sixty seconds and breathe slowly into your gut. If your stomach isn’t moving when you breathe, go deeper. There’s a diaphragm down there that wants to be used.

“Yes, and it didn’t do a damn thing for me.” Try it again. Shelve your skepticism for one minute. Then take a second minute and do the above. If you keep disbelieving the potency of breath, your brain will find or simply create ways to support your negative opinion. (That goes for most everything, by the way.)

“Yes, and breath is vital to me.” Good on you! Keep breathing.

The next time the wind kicks up, instead of shielding yourself and muttering, raise your face to the world and inhale.