self-expression for the self-strong


I am young, and I am wise.

I am imperfect, and I am wise.

I have made mistakes, and I am wise.

I am sometimes wrong, and I am wise.

Wisdom is not reserved for the ancient, the perfect, or the great sages. Wisdom comes from living – from trying, from failing, from succeeding. We gain wisdom as we go through life.

Any living thing can be wise. People of all ages have their own wisdoms; animals, trees, and the natural world all have their own wisdoms. We can learn from them, if we observe closely, and we can learn from each other.

Remember that you may be very wise, but you are not always right. Be humble. Be willing to revise what you consider true. Be willing to adapt as new knowledge comes to light. And compile all your many changes of this into wisdom.

Honor your wisdom, and never stop adding to it. Never stop growing.

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