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We Can Have Wings

Have you ever felt wings on you?

Have you ever felt like you could ride the wind if you but opened yourself to it?

Have you ever felt like your heartfelt ability to fly was a barometer and an insight into your headspace?

When we are aware of ourselves – our psyches, emotions, and physical bodies – we know not only how we feel right now, but how we’d like to feel, as well. We know what hurts and what rejoices. We know what needs healing and rest and strengthening at its deepest levels.

When we are energized, we have the power to act and change our state of being. We can move forward and make progress. We can change. We can grow.

When we are both mindful and powerful, we can direct ourselves down a path of our own choosing. We can sculpt our very paradigms and selves. We evolve.

Is that direction and momentum not the same as flying high with your own power?

So, tell me – have you ever felt wings on you?

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