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My Daily Focus

Because of a move across the states coming up in early July, my life is suddenly far busier than normal. Every weekend is filled with a major event or activity, and I’ll be slowly decluttering my home and packing during my weeknights.

In order to avoid burn-out, I compiled a list of Daily Things That Matter. I’m sharing it here, in hopes it may help those of you in similarly chaotic situations – or perhaps those who just need to refocus on what matters.

  • Sleep a lot.
  • Eat well. Listen to your body.
  • Tea is soul-medicine.
  • This is not the time to tough it out and suffer needlessly. Take migraine medicine when you need it.
  • Pick a few tasks to accomplish each day and focus only on them. Don’t worry about the rest. One day at a time.
  • Do well at work. Use your time productively.
  • Exercise. At least fifteen minutes. Period.
  • Journal daily. It is happy-making and grounding.
  • When you need a break, take it. Express yourself, rest yourself, pamper yourself, push yourself, all when you need it.

When you find yourself overwhelmed, what things go on your This Matters list?

3 Responses to My Daily Focus

  • Uh. This stuff. All of it. I will sheepishly admit that when I get busy I ignore all of it. Maybe I just need a sheet. And some kind of trigger to bring it up when I have more that 25 projects on my todo list.

  • I really needed this list :-). When I am spread thin and on overwhelm, this is where I fall down–mindful self care. This morning, I found that coffee tasted harsh, so I made chai, and I discovered chai is “soul medicine”. Yay! Writing is a good thing, too.

  • Shanna,

    Make a list on colorful paper and hang it next to your computer, maybe? Something hard to miss and hard to forget, something that won’t get stuff piled on it or blend into the background. I keep my list A) here and B) in my private journal, which I review frequently, especially when I’m feeling aimless.

    Hi Mary Jane! It’s great to meet you. :)

    Chai is totally soul medicine. I have been living off it for the past week; it’s a cure-all, I swear. And writing is awesome. :D

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