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at long last, a word on the wind

My love and I moved from Nevada to Texas. I’ve moved cross-state before, but this was by far the worst. We had car trouble, critter trouble (rescued two stray dogs from the highway), and body trouble (oh, my teeth). It took us two days longer than expected. I had to work from the road, praying our motels had sufficient internet connection.

I learned a lot. I stretched my limits. It’s a new adventure under my belt, and it led to this adventure, which is rebuilding our home in a wonderful house and getting used to a new climate and a new city. Texas, you are not nearly so uncomfortable as I expected, and I’m grateful for it.

Most importantly, though, I got in touch with Change again. With the move, the adventure, and other things I’ve been experiencing, I had the urge to shed a skin and begin anew.

I thought to myself, Should I wait? Should I make sure I’m ready to commit to this change and leave the old skin behind? What if I want to take it back?

And that’s when I knew it was time to get going. Change is eternal, relentless, constant, even if its size and intensity varies. The instant I wonder if I’m ready to change is the instant I need change the most. And if I change my mind later, that’s just another step on Change’s path, and I can and will adjust my course to fit.

So I closed my creativity blog; its occasional photo-post and well-received link round-ups will be moved here, expanding this blog a little more in scope, but still holding true to the vibe of the place.

I will resume writing here very soon, once I stop staying up until 4 and 5 in the morning and restore a little equilibrium to my daily life. We’re still rebuilding our home, unloading and unpacking, and I don’t know about you, but I have a hard time sitting down to write when I could be filling bookshelves from boxes instead.

In the meantime, what have you been up to these last few weeks? Tell me some stories.

3 Responses to at long last, a word on the wind

  • Good to hear from you!

    I can feel change in the wind as well. Good things, hard things, and just plain things. On the whole, though, I am feeling grounded and good.

  • I’ve missed you lots! I will miss Unorthodox Creativity, too, but the essence, you, will remain unchanged. Can’t wait to see the changes after you bust out of your old skin,

  • Kathleen,

    Good things, hard things, and just plain things. My friend, I think you just described life. :D

    Best of luck to you in your own upcoming changes – may the hard be blunted, may the good be heightened.


    YOU. *hug* I will, eventually, miss UC, too. But I brought folks’ favorites over here (my favorites, too), so hopefully I won’t lose too much awesomeness in the reforging. :)

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