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A Quasi-Hiatus

My friends, I am very busy. I’m doing two people’s jobs during the busiest time of the month, preparing to house-hunt and then move across several states, and keeping myself un-miserable throughout it all.

I love this blog, but I love my sanity more, so posting will be erratic or non-existent until about mid-July, which is when I should be settled in my new home and the new office.

Best of all things to you, and I look forward to being a more consistent presence soon. ♥

One Response to A Quasi-Hiatus

  • Hi, Ty!
    Happy New Year 2012, whichever date you celebrate!
    Just checkin’ up on ya. I’ve been missing your insights over at Shanna’s, and her mention of your new site (from April, 2011) popped me over her. There’s no ‘posted date’ here, so I hope that this process is/was flowing along right well! (Ohh – just checked some of your internal links, and – I guess *this* one is about a year old ~ wow! Wonder how’d I miss it?? And so, how’d Texas treat ya this summer?)

    Bright Blessings to you! K

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