Mission Statement time!

The purpose of Selfwright is to take a heart—yes, like yours—unfurl its brilliance, and make its colorful contents seen by those who will love it.

No matter your passion, no matter your purpose, if you are here, you understand that you do not exist in a vacuum. You want people who Get It to find you, and you want to find them. The first step, of course, is internal: getting yourself to the point where you can feel what you want and go after it in the world outside your skin. After you’ve lit that flame, Selfwright will help you not only learn to build your house exactly as orderly or zanily as you are, but also throw open the doors to the kindred spirits who need you and what you do.

In other words, Selfwright helps you do your thing in a virtual home that suits you and connect with just your kind of people.

and just who are you, narrator?

I’m Ty Barbary, eclectic creative and #1 leading authority in the whole wide world on the messy art of Being Me. I’m a sci-fantasy author, songwriter and singer, painter, jewelry artisan, doodler, website designer, and authenticity-based marketer—on top of being genderqueer, an armchair Egyptologist, and surrounded with an awful lot of animals. You can find out more about all that crazy over at my main website.

I’ve been doing this introspection-and-self-analysis thing for well over a decade now, and I’ve been a marketer for about half that time. I am a raving fan of people doin’ their thing heartfully, and I am here to help more people do it effectively, efficiently, and with such originality and polish that they can’t help but get noticed. And if you don’t really know what you want to do yet, let alone how to do it? I’ll lend a hand with that, too.

All marketing is, after all, is finding your tribe—your Right People—and helping them find you.