selfwright, n.:

a person who creates, builds, or repairs the self, whether their own or others’

If you are a dreamer or a doer, a lover or a warrior, a creative or an analyst, a free soul or a human animal—and most especially if you are all of these at the same time—you have found kindred spirits here.

Selfwright is for those strong, vibrant hearts who seek to paint the world in a new way—in your way. Whether you are shy or bold, young or old, whole or broken, this is for you.

Step in, grab a pen or brush or mouse or keyboard or guitar, and learn how to pour your truest passions into the world around you—without compromising your own unique self.


This Site Is Incubating

Sounds better than “under construction,” eh? :) In the near future, Selfwright will hold not only a portfolio of unique and colorful website and blog designs—and the option of commissioning your own completely custom web design for your blog, hobby, or business—but also information on and support for sharing what you love in ways that both work and don’t make you cringe. If you think “marketing” and “branding” are secretly four-letter words, I invite you to stop back in soon and see how satisfying and true-to-self these things can actually be.

In the meantime, you can find yours truly (hi! I’m Ty) on Twitter and Instagram, plus over at Mythic Curios, making art and things.